Red pasta sauce that ticked all the boxes

A seasonal, low cost meal that the kids loved used these seasonal vegies and some fresh pasta – all from the farmers’ markets. In total, I would have used maybe $3 worth of vegies, $3 of fresh pasta and not a lot else to feed four of us.

First, I grilled the capsicums and tomatoes on the barbie until the skins were blackened, then covered them with cling wrap in a bowl for a few minutes before easily taking the skins of each piece. Then I put all this along with a finely chopped garlic clove into the blender until smooth. Transfer this into a deep frying pan and add about half a cup of soy milk (I’m sure you could also use cows milk), mix about 2 teaspoons of cornflour with some more soy milk before adding to the hot sauce & stirring until boiled & smooth. Then just add the freshly cooked pasta. You could add some cheese to serve, but we prefered the pesto we had made on the weekend.

This was even popular with the non tomato & capsicum eater in our family – amazing what a blender can disguise!

A few other reasons this was a winner:
– We can water the garden & play outside while doing the bbq part, get kids in the bath while we sweat the vegies in the bowl & boil pasta water, peel skins off while they are in the bath, then it’s practically done by the time they get out.
– It cost under $8 to feed us all
– You could substitute other seasonal vegies, but it could start to look a bit bleergh if you mix colours too much……


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